A full time Mixed Martial Arts academy specialist in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) freestyle Wrestling, all classes are ran in our dedicated facility with a large open mat area hosting a wide variety of punching bags and equipment , we have classes running for adults, kids, juniors and ladies only every day!

Whether you are doing it for fitness to lose weight or actually want to fight in the cage/ring we can help you on your journey.

Also, our coaches are professional in their chosen skill so you are learning from some of the very best in the area.

We can help with personal training from individual coaches, start ASAP you won’t regret it.

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At Ultimate Athlete, we teach Wrestling from beginners to experts. Learn the art of Wresting with offence and defence against your rival.

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    Not only is this a highly competitive sport but great to build up camaraderie and team spirit with in the team it is suitable for beginners and experienced alike to get into shape and develop physical stature.


    Freestyle wrestling is a style of martial art wrestling. Along with Greco-Roman, it is one of the two styles of wrestling contested in the Olympic Games, this is also a grappling sport.


    The aim is to take your opponent down by attacking the legs for a takedown in free style and Greco-Roman is trying to throw your opponent, after this is done you can control them in a pin position back flat to the floor, it is also recognised as the oldest sport in the world.

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    We offer everyone a free first lesson if you take out a monthly plan. We appreciate and understand the opportunity in giving benefits to our members. Join today to learn Wrestling and we hope to see you competing on day for the Ultimate Athlete family.


    Body & Mind

    Wrestling will help build your mind and body.


    Healthy Lifestyle

    Training and pursuing Wrestling will naturally lead you to a healthier lifestyle.


    Better Thinking

    Wrestling really helps to improve mental health and wellbeing.



    Join Ultimate Athlete today for single sessions or block training.

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    Monthly classes from £40.
    (First Session is free)

    The only thing you deserve is what you earn.

    Tom Bronds.


    There may be different warming up techniques before starting any Wrestling session class.

    Some may be very specific warm-ups where others may become routine which you’ll be able to do with ease.

    Following up on warm-ups there could be a series of many warming up techniques.

    There could range from a full body exercise or precise movements.

    More techniques and understanding of warming up before sessions will become more clearer the more you progress with Wrestling.

    Ultimate Athlete Gym
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    At the beginning of a wrestling class you will go through a variety of techniques to warm your body up and understand how to use them effectively when you will spar you will spar someone similar weight or knowledge so you can both train safely and learn that it is important to understand you’re not trying to win but more to grasp the concept of the wrestling class, a highly intense all round workout recognised as the hardest sport in the world!


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    Wrestling can be very demanding of your strength, endurance and intelligence. You need to be quick and snapping with your power and techniques without haste judgement. You will need to master basic techniques and moves as a beginner so that you can plan both offence and defence against your opponent.

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